About Us

We provide ICT solution for your business

We are located at Koteshwor-32, Kathmandu


Learning goes digital

The way the world learns is being transformed by digital technology. Wacom solutions help educational organizations of all kinds drive the change.


Business solutions

Our customized ecosystem of enterprise solutions allows your organization to reach new levels of performance from the front lines.


Biometric solutions

Best biometric solutions in the town from well known brands.

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Our Services

Soori Techonlogy established with the aim providing ICT solution for business. Each business are seeking for enhance their performance,when we adopts technology performance increases. Some shortlisted solutions are...

Identity solution

We provide card printing system with the Card ID Solution on software expertise necessary.

Hospital payment solution

We provide the system and the card that has been designed especially for medical purpose, card can be used to buy medicine and service within hospital and system hold the total transactions detail.

Warehouse solution

Our warehouse solution will guide your operators through the execution of their tasks, which they will manage faster and without errors.