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White Cards

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a durable plastic with a long life span and is the primary material used for typical plastic cards. Composite cards are made of a polyester core sandwiched between PVC material. Stronger and more durable than regular PVC cards, composite cards are recommended for use in high-usage environments or if lamination is part of your particular ID card printing process. (Composition is 40% polyester / PET and 60% PVC material.)


• 10 mil blank white cards • 10 mil blank adhesive backed white cards (24 mil total card) • 15 mil blank business white cards with writable backs • 30 mil blank white cards • 10 mil 3-up Key Tag white cards • 30 mil color PVC cards available in red, yellow, silver, gold, blue, green


• 30 mil blank white composite cards • 30 mil blank Z6 white composite cards for maximum durability

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