About Us

We are Soori Technologies Private Limited established for providing large range of ICT business solutions.

About Us

Soori Technology is a Tech company, delivering genuine requested tech solutions for business and organizations. Soori’s goal of providing Single Source Total Solution is served by its strategic business units for Hardware, Software, Consumables and Support. This framework enables to deliver high Quality of service in achievement of customer delight. We develop customized solution for Warehouse & Inventory Management, Track & Trace, Asset Management, Logistics, Sales Force Automation, Retail etc. ... As an authorized and direct partner of world’s leading manufacturers in the data collection industry for thermal printers, barcode scanners, Wireless data collection systems and specialized labels, we maintain inventories of equipment, labels, ribbons, and replacement parts, offering almost immediate availability at competitive prices.

SOORI TECHNOLOGY Systems is dedicated to provide customers with top quality service, fast delivery and the competitive prices in the market. Taking every requirements of clients into consideration, we aim to deliver quality products with exceptional service. We believe building just a software is not a solution. Being a part of it in its entire journey from inception till the end and being responsive towards post purchase for a client is what creates value. Our iterative work model retains our team, clients and management in a strong loop until we reach a common goal.

We have remarkably talented experts and software engineers who guide and lead with examples. Our team of engineers, business experts and artists create a fabulous work environment with a feeling of togetherness. This is what builds Soori technology.

Our Mission & Vision


To contribute in innovative technology while prospering as a high caliber software and hardware company creating numerous opportunities for residents, startups and organizations of Nepal.


Our vision is to create a sustainable tech environment while preparing Nepal and its businesses for upcoming future technologies.

Our Core Values

    • Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions.
    • Quality Deliverable: We assure you to deliver the best quality in every project we undertake to provide premium value to our clients.
    • The pursuit of Excellence: We deliver quality & innovative solutions to exceed industry standards and client expectations.
    • Learn: We measure, analyze, monitor, and improve outcomes continuously by learning new trends and techniques.